Image of a PLS Library CardPeople who live, work, attend school, or own property in communities in Pottawatomie, McClain, and Cleveland counties are eligible for library cards. 

There are three types of library cards, a Full Service Library Card, which provides access to online materials as well as books and videos inside our hometown libraries, a Virtual Library Card, which provides access to online materials only, or a Reciprocal Library Card, which provides access to library materials for individuals who live in the Metropolitan Library System service area.


► To apply for a Full Service or Virtual Library Card, complete the online form.

► To apply for a Reciprocal Library Card, please visit one of our hometown libraries.

Just So You Know:

If you already have a library card, you do not need a Virtual Library Card to access online resources. Your current PLS library card already grants you access to our online resources!
If you currently have a library card and do not know your PIN (usually last 4 digits of phone #), please use the PIN Reset Form to reset your PIN.