Fuzzy Caterpillar This song presents a scientific phenomenon as a story, and the kids get to act it out. Take a little time to teach the butterfly motion, but don’t worry if they can’t do it just right. Enjoy!

Fuzzy caterpillar Wiggle 2 pointer fingers pointing up
Climbing up a tree, Wiggle and move pointer fingers up
He wiggles out, he wiggles in, Wiggle and move pointer fingers out, then back
He wiggles right at me. Wiggle and turn pointer fingers to point to self

I put him in a box, Cup hands and clap, switch hands and repeat to beat
“Don’t go away,” I said.
But when I opened up the box Slowly open hands (i.e. the “box”)
A butterfly instead! Look at palms, cross wrists, hook thumbs, wiggle finger wings