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My favorite & most used APP!
Thank you for this app. I absolutely love it! I have a 45 min commute to/from work everyday. I got bored with my satelitte radio, so then I was renting audiobooks on CD from the library. But sometimes the discs would be scratched and would skip. Then I found out about OverDrive. It's so easy - search for titles or choose from the recommended titles, download to your phone, then I have it set up to play automatically every time I start my car (as long as I have the auxillary button selected in my car). It plays over my car speakers via Bluetooth and picks right up where I left off. You can also select your check out lengths. I personally do 2 weeks since I can get most books listened to in that amount of time. I am so thankful I found this service - it's a must have for long commutes and road trips! I had *almost* subscribed to a paid service - and they only let you download 1 book a month! Ridiculous. Thanks again for a great product and great service! I'm always telling people about it, along with Freegal. So many people are unaware that these services are available to them.

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