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Shawnee Mall
4901 N Kickapoo St Shawnee Oklahoma 74804

Using the Shawnee Mall Book Box

Place a hold on library materials online . Be sure to select 'Shawnee Mall Box' as your pickup location.

Your materials will be put in a Shawnee Mall Book Box locker and will be available to you after 3 p.m. the day you are notified. Book Box items typically are delivered weekly on Tuesdays.

Please pick up your materials within one week. They are already checked out to you.

To pick up your materials, visit the Shawnee Mall Book Box and key in the last seven digits of your library card number. Press # ENT.

The Shawnee Mall Book Box locker with your materials will open automatically.

When you are finished with your materials, return them to any Pioneer Library System hometown library or book return (there is a book return next to the Shawnee Mall Book Box).

You may renew your materials online or by calling 701-2688.

More questions? Call 801-4567.